Educational Technology Unit of C-DAC, Mumbai has been working on building technologies for enhancing teaching learning experience. It aims to integrate the various scattered pieces of effort towards a better educational environment and spearhead new models and technologies for the Centre as well as for others. This covers development of technologies and infrastructure for improving the educational environment and seamless integration of these various constituents of the educational process.
Concerns such as shortage of good quality teachers at most levels of education, fast changing content, need to reach to remote areas, etc have been driving the introduction of various technologies into the domain of education.

They serve different functions including:

  1. Amplify the teacher’s efforts and availability
  2. Increase the exposure to practical skills
  3. Make the instruction and assessment more effective
  4.  Relax constraints of time and space synchronisation

The ETU group has been working on building technologies for such functions for many years. The current activities of the group include:

Tools Development – Online Labs, eBasta - School Books to eBooks, Assessment and Monitoring feedback, Parikshak – An online program grading tool, Descriptive Examination System, OBRIC – Objective Responses Image Based capture

Research – Interest areas - Instruction Design, Constructive Learning Environments, Assessment Technologies, Content Creation and Management, E-Learning Framework & Tools, Qualitative Analysis of Results, etc.

Creating Awareness on eLearning and related tools – Orientation workshops

Consultancy – Orientation, training & user handholding on setting up eLearning setup in organisations on use of select open source tools.