Assessment and Montoring Framework

In our schools, systematic collection of detailed information on evaluation and assessments of academic activities, etc. and producing useful analytics on the performance at student, teacher, class and school levels requires lots of manual efforts. In today’s learning environment, continuous, quick, detailed, effective feedback is essential for learners to achieve their learning goals. Schools need effective system for managing their assessment process, assessment results and quality analysis so as to empower them for deciding future steps for overall improvement of teaching-learning process. CDAC’s Assessment and Monitoring Framework(AMF) plays a pivotal role achieving these requirements through Information & Communication Technologies.
Assessment and Montoring Framework:
AMF helps teachers to manage the complex assessment activities in the schools. At present we are using the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) as base of the framework, but it is also adaptable for state boards. The framework comprises of managing formative and summative assessments, calculating and storing student data like marks, grades and percentage for scholastic and co-scholastic areas. AMF analyses the students’ performance and provides easy to understand visualizations, giving students and teachers a complete picture of performance of a student or a class, need for improvement in performance of a particular student, alerts for sudden changes in performance, etc. These are helpful for the students since they get timely feedback and can work accordingly to improve their performance, as well as for teachers and school management enabling them to monitor the overall teaching-learning process and to identify areas for improvement.

Salient Features:
  • Marks entry
    • Easy interface
    • Bulk marks upload facility
  • Performance analysis at the level of student, class, teacher and school
  • Vast variety of reports like Term Report, Formative Assessment  Report, Yearly Report etc.
  • Alerts for teachers and students