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Online Labs for schools (OLabs) provides students with the ease and convenience of conducting experiments and learning activities over the internet.It has been developed to supplement the traditional physical labs and bridge the constraints of time and geographical distances. This not only reduces the costs incurred for conducting experiments in traditional school laboratories but also gives a student the flexibility to explore and repeat experiments till they are thorough.

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Obric and Parikshak:

Objective Responses Image based Capture (OBRIC) can be used for objective type tests, feedback forms, survey forms, etc. OBRIC can process scanned images of response sheets and display processed output as per user requirement.

Parikshak is an automated Program Grading & Analysis Tool. It allows teachers to conduct programming exams in online mode, with auto-evaluation of student solutions and provide detailed analysis after the test. Parikshak can significantly reduce the load of the faculty and give useful and timely feedback to student, thereby leading to efficient handling of programming assignments/exams.

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