EG-100 – 100 Educational Games Challenge

What is EG-100?

EG-100 is a 100 educational games challenge. CDAC Mumbai and IEEE Bombay section have joined hands to facilitate this. It is anticipated that through this initiative good quality educational games will be available for free for interested users. All games developed under this will be freely available to the public, with due credit to the developers. The winners will get prizes worth Rs. 30,000/-

Motivation for EG-100

Games is now being perceived as an effective medium for learning/education, with many advantages. However, building good games which are tempting to play requires software development, creativity and user experience design. Making them educational is a further challenge. We want to encourage our students pursuing degree programs involving software development, to consider building such games as a side project or even your main project.

This EG-100 movement will provide you the guidance and framework required for this. We also will provide a channel to share your games with the intended end-users.

Who can participate?

    • Colleges with active student branches of IEEE Bombay Section can participate.
    • Any group of students from BE / B.Tech , Mtech , MCA BSc(IT), MSc(IT). can participate.
    • Each team must have a faculty from the college as their local mentor.

What type of game is expected?

    • Topic – Education game on Any topic from Class I to X with clear learning objectives
    • Pedagogically relevant design – We will guide you through the process and design of educational games.
    • Any Mode of operation – Standalone mode on laptop/desktop, or playable on mobile phones, playing on the Web, and also collaborative games.
    • Any Technology as long as the source code can be made available to the community. Open source technologies preferred wherever possible.

Important Dates

Upcoming Event: Orientation Programme and query solving session : Saturday 27th March, 2021

    • Registration Starts: 5th March, 2021
    • Launch of the Event: 10th March, 2021
    • Orientation Programme and query solving session : 27th March, 2021
    • Registration Ends: 31st March, 2021
    • Orientation Programme-II: 3rd April, 2021
    • Final Submission: 30th June, 2021
    • Declaration of Results: 31st July, 2021

How to Register?

Interested teams can Register Here

What help can I get?

    • Orientation programmes will be conducted by organisers.
    • Online videos related to programme, game design process, advise on tools, etc will be made available.
    • Community platform will be setup for progress updates, help & support for registered teams.
    • Periodic reviews for progress check will be done.

Contact Information

For further additional Information or queries you can reach us  at


Organising Team

    • IEEE Bombay Section
    • Educational Technology Unit of CDAC Mumbai




Some existing Educational Games

NCERT eTextbooks

Tools & Technologies for Game Development

Reference Book 

Educational Game Design Fundamentals: A Journey to Creating Intrinsically Motivating Learning Experiences by George Kalmpourtzis

Past Orientation Programme Videos

Review Meeting

3-07-2021 :