Online Labs for schools (OLabs) provides students with the ease and convenience of conducting experiments and learning activities over the internet. It has been developed to supplement the traditional physical labs and bridge the constraints of time and geographical distances. This not only reduces the costs incurred for conducting experiments in traditional school laboratories but also gives a student the flexibility to explore and repeat experiments till they are thorough.


  • Web based access
  • Experiments and evaluation component aligned to CBSE curriculum
  • At present, 150+ Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English experiments, covering topics like Hooke’s law, Area of triangle, Tense conversion, etc are available online
  • Interactive simulations which model real life environment and behavior
  • Includes features such as recording observations, plotting graphs, calculations, etc which enhance the overall learning experience
  • Intuitive feedback and guidance in relevant stages
  • Offline version (Live DVD & Windows installer) available on request
  • Labs available in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi & Malayalam

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